Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Google Adsense Addiction

Posted by Farhan Khan
More than50% of every Google Adsense publishers confesses habit to click revenue. A current online study conducted by a little group of Google Publishers found that 55% of all Adsense publishers where obsessed to the income potential of Googles Pay Per Click system.

a few Google Adsense Publishers Need treatment
It was moreover found that a few publishers were so addicted they where inspection their Adsense figures up to 50 times per day.

Google Adsense is a structure where individuals who own content rich website's can earn money by insertion of small targeted ads inside the content of their website.

The ads can be modified to fit within the scheme of the website and some successful publishers can earn in excess of $200,000 per month.

A publisher stated that her addiction started the day she placed the Adsense code into her html code. "I was introduced to Adsense by my friend, who makes approximately a $1000 a month". He went on to say that she doesn't blame Google for her addiction, but the passion in which forums and blogs encourage the fact to everyone can become rich with this scheme encouraged her to keep adding pages and checking her stats.

Cane, did state that she was earning a logical quantity of money from Google Adsense, but told us she also spent a significant amount of money on scripts, ebooks and promises of achievement all you would ever want to know about Adsense, from forum most claim they have made their fortunes and where prepared to share their secrets if you have deposited $107 into their PayPal account.

rag to treasures in 51 Days
one more publisher told me his addiction had complete him a wealthy man in about 52 days. "I was browsing the net on October the 15th last year and came crosswise a website that had a photo of a guy holding a Google cheque for near $200,000 dollars. Under the picture it fixed that this was just a 1 month pay check from Google. Lights and bells went off in my head as I thinking, Man, this is what I have been looking for".

Micheal, had been dabbling in online money making schemes for about 6 years and to date had not been very victorious. But he did have 3 website's which had 1000's of visitors to them and after reading all he might on the subject, Micheal placed 2 small Adsense ads on every page of his 1000 page website. "I didn't sleep that night. I was so energized, I checked my stats every 10 minutes all night" he said. Just while he was about to give up for the night, Micheal did his last stats check. "It was 5.50am closely and I almost fell off

My Mate. 1000 impressions, 98 clicks and a total of $18 income. I couldn't sleep that day as I checked my stats every 15 minutes and watched the income growen to more than $58 for the day. I was enthusiastic to this thing, this proposal was going to make me rich and I wasn't going to fail to see a minute of it" Micheal said.

Micheal had gone from $32 in his Bank account to above $6,700 in just 51 days. He had checked his stats on common 60 times per day and had spent above 612 hours throughout that 51 days optimising his sites and adding up content. Micheal as well admitted just like Cane that he had spent pretty a bit of his income on "how to" books, but stated that it was money very well spent.

"We are passionate to Google Adsense" Cane told me, " but what better obsession can you have than earning money, although doing amazing you love".


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